Welcome Ali!

We're thrilled to welcome Ali Spaul to the Sketchnotes UK team!

Here's what Ali says:

"I’m a Sketchnoter, Community Organiser, Netball Fan, Participatory Grant Maker, Life Long Learner, Advocate of Joy and Mum of two fabulous Yorkshire Kids.

I love creating Sketchnotes. I’ve developed Sketchnoting and Visual Harvesting in my own work, bringing conversations to life through images and text, communicating with wider audiences and engaging people differently.

I’ve also worked with a range of partners including funders, youth groups, the police and DEI groups to hear more voices and document conversations that matter.

Sketchnotes are more than an output and resource, they capture process and interaction, the magic. I hope to support more people to benefit from Sketchnotes and look forward to working with you."

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